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Me Talk Pretty One Day

Trade Paperback, Audiobook, eBook

Little, Brown and Company

Me Talk Pretty One Day

By an ironic twist of fate, readers find present-day Sedaris in France, where only now, after all these years, he must cling safely to just plural nouns so as to avoid assigning the wrong genders to French objects. (Never mind that ordering items from the grocer becomes rather expensive.) Even the strictest of grammarians won't be able to look at the parts of speech in the same way after exposing themselves to the linguistic phenomena of Sedarisian humor. Just why is a sandwich masculine, and yet, say, a belt is feminine in the French language? As he stealthily tries to decode French, like a cross between a housewife and a shrewd detective, he earns the contempt of his sadistic French teacher and soon even resorts to listening to American books on tape for secret relief.

What David Sedaris has to say about language classes, his brother’s gangsta-rap slang, typewriters, computers, audiobooks, movies, and even restaurant menus is sure to unleash upon the world a mad rash of pocket-dictionary-toting nouveau grammarians who bow their heads to a new, inverted word order.

Praise for Me Talk Pretty One Day:

“Original, acid, and wild” —said the Los Angeles Times to every unforgettable encounter.

Compared to Twain and Hawthorne, David Sedaris has become one of the best-loved humorists of our time, writing with perfect pitch about the ludicrousness of our age. Featuring some pieces abut his sojourn in Paris that have been published and many that have been featured in The New Yorker, Esquire, and on NPR, this is a hilarious collection that shouldn’t be missed. —The New Yorker

“The sort of blithely sophisticated, loopy humor that might have resulted if Dorothy Parker and James Thurber had a love child.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Skilled...dramatic...highly ingenious.” —New York Newsday

“Not one of the seventeen autobiographical essays in this new collection failed to make me crack up; frequently I was helpless...Even the bleakest of them contain stuff you shouldn’t read with your mouth full.” —Craig Seligman, New York Times Book Review

“David Sedaris brings X-ray vision to this strip search of the human psyche, sparing no one—including himself.” —Entertainment Weekly

“One of the most sustained bursts of humor in recent memory...Sedaris manages to make something bigger and more enduring out of his humor, in much the manner Mark Twain used humor as a lens through which to examine humanity.” —John Foyston, Portland Oregonian

“Shrewd, wickedly funny...These hilarious, lively, and breathtakingly irreverent stories.... made me laugh out loud more often than anything I’ve read in years.” —Francine Prose, Washington Post Book World

David Sedaris Books